The Call of the Wild

As the world sleeps, I am awake, enchanted by the pulsing, multicoloured lights vibrating outside my window. I imagine that I alone, am dancing with the Aurora. It's winter of 1970, Sopot, Poland, and beneath the covers with a flashlight in hand, I read “The Call of...

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Collaging 1973-2019

I have received more questions regarding the process for creating the illustrations for The Spirit Journey, so I am dedicating this Blog entirely to collaging. In fact, I will start from the very beginning when I began experimenting with the art of collage way back in...

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Colouring The Spirit Journey

Perhaps you noticed, now that you are following The Spirit Journey, that the illustrations recently switched from good ol' black and white, into colour. Folks in Poland who are familiar with Christa's cartoons, would remember when his black and white drawings changed...

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Under the street light

I remember being a small child, waiting impatiently for my dad to arrive home with the local newspaper Wieczór Wybrzeża. I wished to see the very bottom of the back page, where a section was devoted to Christa's cartoons. Now I'm 9, and finally big enough to buy the...

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The prophecy

Obviously the young boy is nervous. He is standing at the very back of a room, far away from the spot light, under which an author is signing his new "W kosmosie" books. As the crowd finally thins out, only the young boy is left. His patience is rewarded by having the...

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